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Forum for traffic safety issues Rhineland-Palatinate

The institutions dealing with traffic safety issues in Rhineland-Palatinate aim to noticeably reduce the number of road traffic accidents. The behaviour of road traffic users shall be derived by consideration and respect between each other.

A necessity exists for an intense partnership of all governmental and non-governmental institutions in order to distribute indispensable information to road traffic users. With this work we want to contribute to a sustainable increase of traffic safety for all citizens.


The following partners have submitted to push their potentials for projects, actions, programmes, public relation and key group activation in order to prevent traffic accidents: Ministry for Transport, Ministry for the Interiour , Ministry for Education, the police, “Landesverkehrswacht”, , “TÜV”, “ADAC”, “Unfallkasse”, Driving teacher assemblies, “Deutscher Verkehrssicherheitsrat”, Assembly for motor vehicle assessors “BVSK”, Kaiserslautern University of Technology

Main work package issues:

  • Promotion of considerate and kooperative behaviour and increase of acceptance for traffic rules
  • Optimisation of safety for children in road traffic
  • Risk reduction for young drivers
  • Promotion of safe motorbike riding
  • Promotion of safe mobility of elderly and disabled persons 




Forum Verkehrssicherheit

Jörg Holzhäuser

Ministerium für Wirtschaft, Verkehr,
Landwirtschaft und Weinbau

Stiftsstraße 9
55116 Mainz

Postfach 3269
55022 Mainz 

Telefon: 06131 / 16-2297
Telefax: 06131 / 16-172297